Join Piggy (the dog) and Mike (not the dog) as they recount old tales and share hearty laughter aside a warm, deeply introspective duraflame® fire.

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Fireside Lingo

Mike makes an entire generation cringe.

The Odyssey

Mike and Piggy warm up by the fire, taking a journey down memory lane in which they talk about other journeys.

Choices That Burn

Mike dives into questionable life decisions around a toasty Duraflame fire. Piggy judges silently.

It’s Lit

As a reminder this is Fireside Chats with Mike and Piggy. It only gets weirder from here.

Technological Wondering

Sitting aside a crackling Duraflame fire, Mike and Piggy get very meta.

Ghosting Stories

Mike tells scary tales around the fire, and makes everyone on set feel a little uncomfortable.

Burning Wisdom

Mike and Piggy gaze deeply into a roaring Duraflame fire and ponder its teachings.

Piggy has so much more to say. Follow us to join the Fireside Chat.

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